• Site specific species selection.

  • Seedling supply of all species -coordinate seedling supply from specialist nurseries.

  • Site preparation pre planting – spraying, clearing of site.

  • Planting and protection of seedlings using guards and matting.

  • Weed reduction using hand tools, sprays or mulch.

  • Ongoing maintenance until plants are sufficiently established.




Environmental Protection Planting

  • Native restoration, development and regeneration

  • Waterways and erosion control

  • Ecological sites

  • Conservation plantings

  • Wildlife and bird habitats

  • Culturally significant sites

  • Farm amenity, shelterbelts, soil retention plantings

  • Lifestyle property enhancement plantings


Large Scale Landscape Projects

  • Highway and roadside plantings

  • Civil works landscaping

  • Waste water treatment sites

  • Subdivision landscaping

  • Environmental planting


Farms, Forests and Woodlots

  • Commercial forestry establishment & maintenance

  • Farm woodlots and shelterbelts

  • Planting & release spraying

  • Silvicultural operations

  • Carbon forestry establishment



  • CCC – establishment of native corridors throughout the Port Hills since 1999.

  • ECAN – key silvicultural contractor since 1998. Cycleway maintenance around Canterbury area.

  • Ngai Tahu- development of protection plantings around Te Waihora & tributary waterways.

  • GSL – Planting of the CNC Northern Corridor Motorway extension, Christchurch 2019 - 2020.

  • WTW – Te Waihora waterways project since 2015.

  • PF Olsen- ongoing establishment and maintenance of forests and farm woodlots since 1998.

  • Southern Cypress – ongoing establishment and maintenance of client’s woodlots.

  • Selwyn District Council – Waste water treatment site plantings.

  • Landcorp - dairy farms shelter belts and protection plantings throughout Canterbury

  • Numerous landowners and farmers throughout Canterbury – ongoing planting and maintenance of woodlots since 1992.



Nova Sylva has carried out specialist pruning & thinning operations of all hardwood species such as sandalwood, teak, red mahogany, acacia and eucalyptus in Australia since 2006 with the following companies:

  • Tropical Forest Services

  • Quintis

  • Elders Australia

  • Forest Enterprises Australia

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Nova Sylva can PLANT your seedlings, help ESTABLISH them with ongoing care to PROTECT your plantings for the future.

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Commercial forestry establishment & maintenance.

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Native restoration, development and regeneration,

Specialist's in waterways and erosion control.

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Nova Sylva has carried out specialist pruning & thinning operations of all hardwood species.